A World Class Executive Search and Recruiting Firm

Our Process

Our service revolves around the 28-step process that is applied to every search we undertake. The process has been developed through our years of experience in manufacturing, management and recruiting. These steps ensure that the candidates we represent are the very best that the market has to offer and maximizes the client’s experience with TCG.

We conduct extensive research, interview numerous times, verify details, prepare and debrief candidates, and close our candidates on all critical aspects of the position. As a result, our clients are able to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent reviewing resumes and screening candidates. We take the initial steps so our clients don’t have to.

Our loyal clients know that when we send them candidates, we are confident that they have met or exceeded all of the necessary qualifications. In addition, we screen for fit and personality in relation to our clients. Most hires today are based largely on personality and culture match. We believe strongly in vetting above and beyond the basics of a job description.